This roomy, handcrafted, and welted penny loafer is made with quality soft calf and feels light as a feather. A gorgeous manual finish refines this beloved slip-on shoe, which boasts a remarkable shine.


  • Full-grain calfskin upper
  • Hand-stitched leather outsole
  • All-leather lining and footbed
  • Reinforced stacked heel
  • Hand-painted
  • Blake constructed
  • Designed and handcrafted in Italy.


THE BORG are stately slip-on shoes that offer a stylish and casual look. This slip-on footwear is easy to put on quickly thanks to its lack of buckles or laces. The shaft’s open basic cut is enhanced by the U-shaped vamp insert, in addition to the leather strap that conventionally wraps over the instep. The color vibrancy is enhanced by stunning dark purple finishing of the strap and edges. THE BORG is considered casual footwear because they don’t take time to put on and are comfortable to wear for long durations. They add a classic touch to a modern chic style. You can wear THE BORG to just about any event, which will blend well with casual attire, such as blazers, polo shirts, chinos, and even jeans.


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